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Organizational Development & Change Management



Tony will design and manage your retreat and workshop agenda in close collaboration with you ensuring that, together, we achieve the stated objectives. Prior to the gathering he will clarify each of the desired outcomes and design an agenda that reflects these. It may be desirable to conduct one on one interviews with selected participants and send a questionnaire to determine perspectives and gain commitment.

Tony provides facilitation that allows managers to fully participate and thereby achieve full integration in the group dynamic. As your facilitator, while remaining professionally detached, he will listen for unforeseen issues needing attention. You will be appraised of such items as they arise and the direction and progress of the retreat will be maintained.

Continuing contact with the facilitator will give a sustained energy to each individual and to the group as a whole. When this is possible, benefits above and beyond those originally sought will result.

With experience facilitating around the world for the World Bank Group and other major institutions his offering has proven to be a sustained success over time.


"Tony is one of the world's most amazing people. His ability to motivate, inspire and challenge with humour and 'tough love' is astonishing.

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a speaker who has the personal life experience, strength and spiritual insight to challenge people on many levels to work with Tony. His humour is wicked, his humility is engaging and his impact long lasting."

Managing Director/ Burow and Associates
Sydney Australia


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